John Shiner is a Rock & Roll Photographer from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. His talent was spotted by Joe Gotto, his junior high school Art and Photography teacher - who encouraged him to photograph the subjects which he was passionate about. He would then give him special paper to print his assignments on, and have John sign them. Like many of his San Fernando Valley friends, he was drawn to the music scene of the 70's Hollywood. He always managed to find an older friend with a driver's license to take them to wherever the action was. Mira Chai Hyde started living with John and his family in 1973 as a 15 year old foster child from the Philippines. She had been taking photographs herself at an early age and gave John his first "professional" camera, an Asia Pentax. From the very start, she was with him when Led Zeppelin played at The Forum in the summer "Stairway to Heaven" concert where he photographed them for the very first time. Young John would show up early at concert locations, and soon the gregarious white-blond 13 year old was making friends with some of the most seasoned professional Rock & Roll photographers. He became ubiquitous at L.A. rock shows, and would enter the venues mixed-in with the pros. Soon Annie Leibovitz was sharing some tips about settings, lenses, and shooting in the ever changing light and movement conditions of a live Rock & Roll show. John was a quick study! Before long he was shooting virtually every Rock act that came in to town. Shiner's list of Subjects reads like a Who's Who of Rock royalty from the 1970's onward. He was building an impressive collection of Rock & Roll images captured at: The Fabulous Forum, Santa Monica Civic, The Long Beach Arena, The Whiskey A Go-Go, The Rainbow, The Starwood, The Greek Theater, The Roxy, Universal Amphitheater, The Santa Barbara Bowl, Irvine Meadows, The California Jam, and The Palomino - in addition to shooting at television's Don Kirchner's Rock Concert - Directed by Louis J. Horowitz. As time went on John was sought out to photograph Actors which led to Film and Television work. Years later after losing contact with Mira they reconnected. John by then had his first run of tshirts which he was selling, Mira saw such a huge potentia in the tshirts. They joined forces to improve the design and quality of both the tshirt and printing. Recently some of John's favorite Rock & Roll work was featured in a Los Angeles gallery. There were rave reviews to these never-before-seen images. "Danny Boy" O'Connor, of Hip Hop group House of Pain encouraged John to contact the Print Lab - a state of the art printing facility in the San Fernando Valley - to start producing his upscale line of T shirts and Art Prints. At first John was skeptical about how clearly his images would translate onto the fabric, but upon seeing the first samples - produced by Tommy Galina's, The Print Lab's owner and resident "perfectionist", John and Mira knew they had come to the best place to finalize their dreams of having the utmost of photographic quality images reproduced on their tshirts. Mira Chai Hyde has been a Celebrity Hairstylist and Groomer for the last thirty years, 18 of which was spent in London where she lived and worked with Alexander McQueen. She has worked with everyone from David Bowie, Led Zeppelin , Sting, and The Eagles and her work has been featured on the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rollingstone, and GQ to name but a few. John Shiner is still living in the San Fernando Valley continuing his work on projects that spark his interest.....and his Gifted "Eye".